We went to REI this evening to pick up some camping food for tomorrow night’s dinner with Kelly and sophie (Camping food night, high class). I was wearing my very dusty, very dirty clothes from work where I have been rearranging/organizing the stock room, which also kicked up a bunch of dust so my eyes have been red, irritated, and watery all day. Figuring we were only hitting REI, I wasn’t too concerned with my appearance. After we bought the meals, we started back to the car.

I locked my keys in the ignition. FUCK FUCK FUCK. So we had to try to find mall security. But they weren’t where they were supposed to be, the 2 places that the mall directory said they were. So I went into the nearest store, Nordstrom. I was sorely underdressed to be in even the shoe department, with my jogging shoes that make my toes look pointy but are very very comfortable. I asked them to contact mall security for me, which they did, and I was able to talk to the guy who informed me that if I call 911, Lynnwood offers a free keys locked in your car service, so even though I felt like an asshole dialing 911 to get my keys out of my car, the guys came and unlocked the door, thank god. urgh.

Craig suggested that I get a spare key and sew it into my purse.

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