The cabin

I didn’t take any pictures, Craig and I looked like homeless people most of the time, and there was nothing particularly noteworthy to photograph. Craig, his dad, Boris the dog, Perry the cat, and myself made our way up on friday night. Boris got carsick about 3/4 of the way up there and threw up on my floor which was pretty rad. We went shooting on saturday and sunday in a different gravel pit than usual. It’s actually way prettier, but it’s not quite as big, so you can’t shoot as far.

We cleared away some dead wood next to the driveway, and burned the small branches of some limbs that were cut up for firewood. Joe and I also went into the forest to fell a dead tree that was menacingly looking at their neighbor’s cabin. It was pretty exciting. That’s about it. Boris made it home without incident, but I’m getting some dramamine for the next time we head up to the cabin.

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