Badass raised beds

If I may say so myself, my raised beds are freaking badass. The Pioneer Woman’s beds ain’t got nothin on these puppies.

Craig had some lumber delivered from work. We decided against pressure treated lumber due to all the strange stuff that’s in it (copper, arsenic, etc) so we decided to use untreated lumber, and stain it. Since Craig gets smoking deals on wood, and untreated lumber breaks down fairly quickly (compared to treated), we decided to go super crazy overboard and use 4×12″ pieces. They’re also more comfortable to sit on whilst weeding the bed.


After staining them, I mocked them up in the garage and drilled recessed areas for the heads of the bolts, as well as pilot holes while everything was all matched up and level.


Of course I don’t have any photos of me assembling them (mostly because I got lazy and it took weeks, plus the pilot holes were kinda small and it was nearly impossible to turn the fasteners, and I was ready to set fire to them). When we had our 8 yards of topsoil delivered, I was able to fill the beds.


My most recent project is the trellis for the head of each of the beds. The bed on the left will have peas growing up it (in the cool part of the season, then baby squash), the bed on the right will have cucumbers vining up it. Since the peas need to go in before the cucumbers, I focused on that bed first. The framework for the cuke bed is finished, but the lattice portion still has to be completed.


After drilling and lag bolting pressure treated 2x4s (and being sure to make sure they’re quite level), I measured out 5″ sections along the inside of the rectangle that this created, and drilled pilot holes for some eye hook things to string twine through.


Then I ran a length of twine through for a right to left diagonal.


Following that, I strung another length of twine through from left to right. My theory is that the vining plants will be able to climb the diagonals more easily than vertical strings. I’m probably way off, but whatever, it looks pretty.


These beds are freakin’ awesome. They’ll last way longer than 2x12s, look better, and are more comfortable to use. I may be a little crazy about over building/engineering things, but it’s done correctly, and I shouldn’t regret building them this way in the future. Unless I plan to move them. lol

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