Raised bed for strawberries and flowers

I stacked some rocks up this morning to make edges for a raised bed on the south side of the main deck for some strawberries that I’ll hopefully be getting from my dad. I also filled it with fresh, new, fertile, black, delicious topsoil. Then I raked out the lumps of topsoil in the bottom of the yard and took a shower.

After the shower I headed to Fred Meyer and while in the garden center “to get some peat plugs to start veggies in,” got some annuals to perk up the bed. I got a bunch of marigolds (they help ward off pests that would hurt my precious strawberries), a columbine, a clearance carnation (I felt really bad for it), some pansies, violas, and alyssum. I LOVE alyssum. I can’t explain why, except I have fond memories of climbing through my mother’s rock garden as a wee lass and feeling the teeny tiny soft petals and leafs tickle between my toes. I’m not sure that actually happened, but it doesn’t really matter, I’m perfectly satisfied with having fond memories, even if they’re not true. The covered section of the deck has a gutter that drains directly where I wanted this bed, so I left the pile of rocks in the middle there to help with drainage.

This little bumpy round bit is where I’ll be positioning a lilac bush. I’ll make another one similar, but not connected to a longer bed on the other east corner for another lilac. This should allow them to get nice and tall and full, but I’ll still be able to easily snip off big chunks of blooms for vases in the house. Plus I’ll be able to smell them when I’m outside. Yummy.

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