All-Grain beer making! Maiden Voyage!

It went well. Yeah… well, mostly. It was beautiful outside, a balmy 70º with very little wind, and I was protected from the sun by our classy (but very useful) covered porch. It took a little longer than expected to get things going, but after I did, I was pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly it all came together.

I overshot my expected efficiency(how much sugar you’re able to extract from the grains) at 72% which I’m satisfied with for now. I ended up with 6 gallons of wort pre-boil. Here it is draining from my mash tun (the cooler) into my brew kettle (the enormous pot)

After my boil began, I was able to relax a little and decided to pull a pint to pass the time. Unfortunately, I kicked the keg after 1/3 of a glass (that’s how it always happens) so RIP red ale

Boris was there to help the entire time. 🙂

Here’s my wort chiller hanging out in the brew kettle to sanitize prior to chilling.

The wort chilled in record time (under 10 minutes from boiling to 65º), butI had a few issues with hops clogging my siphon after the boil (durr). I ended up pouring the wort through a strainer set into a funnel. I also ended up with only 4 gallons of beer at the end, so I know to plan to have much more wort at the start of boil than 6 gallons.

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