Rain, pork, beer, and yardwork.

I have quite the interesting next few days planned. Craig is going to be about 2 hours south this coming weekend for a rifle class that he’s taking, so I’ll be all by myself. I made a lasagna from scratch yesterday and will be cooking that up either friday or saturday night to feed myself during the weekend. I’ll probably also make some bread (what’s lasagna without garlic bread!?). I have the stuff to do my first all-grain brew, so having Craig gone will be nice for that, he won’t be able to point out when I screw up. haha.

Since it’s SUPPOSED to be nice this weekend, I’m also hoping I’ll be able to get some yard work done, I bought a rad looking lilac that I’d like to get into the ground, as well as my raspberries that need to be planted, and the poor hydrangea that I cut down to nothing that needs to be transplanted into a more shady locale (shady as in not sunny, not as in disreputable) so it won’t get all bleached out and stressed in the future. I also need to borrow an impact gun to finish assembling my garden beds and prepare for having topsoil delivered in the next few weeks.

I bought 5lbs of pork shoulder (butt) at the butcher shop today for some spicy Italian sausage that I’ve been planning, and I have a few pounds of chicken thighs hanging out in the fridge waiting to become chicken tomato basil sausages as well. I’m planning on getting a lot done this weekend, hopefully I’ll stay busy and won’t just pout all weekend in the rain. (Please let it be sunny, please!? I just want to wash my car.)

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