I love strawberries. Every March when they begin appearing on grocery store shelves I know that warm weather is on the way, regardless of what mother nature is currently throwing at us (snow in parts of the Puget Sound this morning). The first crop of not-quite-as-flavorful-as-normal strawberries is a welcome sight, and usually on sale. 4 pounds for $5 at QFC.

Seeing as Craig’s parents came over for dinner on Sunday, we had strawberry shortcake, the low fat version to fit within Sue’s diet. Angel food cake and macerated berries topped with cool whip made an awesome dessert.


With 4 pounds of berries though, one must come up with alternative uses for them. I saw only one noble enough use for the second best of the berries (raspberries being the preeminent berry), chocolate. Dark, high cacao content chocolate. Bittersweet to counteract the salacious sweetness of the berries.

Oh, and I was dying for a Guinness. It went surprisingly well with chocolate covered strawberries.

2 thoughts on “Strawberries!

  1. Ye gods it’s 2:30 AM and now I’m dying for a Guinness and some of those sinfulicious strawberries! Instead I have to settle for this piece of bread and fruit flavored gummi bears.


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