Rant: Lazy copy writing and editing

I can understand an accident in an advertisement for a small company. Ads aren’t permanent, and they generally don’t receive the attention that they deserve.

Large companies have more to lose as a result of mistakes, and as such generally have departments or at least literate people who understand when something sounds very awkward.
Aussie is a multimillion dollar company with a large presence in both the US and Canada. I like to buy their products because they smell nice and are pretty inexpensive. I’ve been using their “Moist” conditioner as of late due to the cold, and I often find myself reading the copy on bottles whilst in the shower. Being that the front is usually facing me, I’ve been focusing on it for the last few weeks, and when I showed it to Craig, he acknowledged that he had seen it as well and it frustrated him. If you’re not an English whiz like me or don’t have a knack for words, just read this out loud, and understand that one direct object presented as two separate ones is super awkward, lazy. In the shower, I’ve even gone so far as to rewrite the copy in my head to make it appear as though someone with more than a 6th grade education wrote it. “Transform your thirsty, dry hair into silky locks by giving it long a quenching drink with a twist of Australian Aloe.

After finding the initial frustrating copy, I turned it over to scrutinize the remainder of the label’s text. I found another mistake. This isn’t just awkward writing, it’s a basic lack of understanding regarding how the English language works, and having absolutely no critical thinking or logical skills. So let me get this right, your hair goes into a bar and begs the bartender to give it’s hair a drink? I know I have thick hair, but I was unaware that my hair could grow it’s own hairs. Maybe it wears a wig or a toupee?

How lazy/cheap do you have to be as a company to release a product with not one but two glaring errors in the copy. It almost makes me not want to buy anything from the company again.

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