How I can tell Perry walks on the stove at night

Lol, that little shit. Our stove is right next to the refrigerator, so to get on top of the fridge, Perry first must jump onto or walk across the stove. The top of the fridge doesn’t really get cleaned off all that often, so atomized oil from searing and such sticks to the top, leaving a light greasy coating on it. Don’t act grossed out, if you cook at all and don’t clean the top of the fridge weekly, you have it too. Anyway, I made Craig breakfast this morning using the stove. When I went back later and looked at it, I found this:


He must have gotten on the fridge, gotten atomized oil on his feet, then when he came down, stepped on the stove, depositing it, not to be seen until the burner heated it up and burned it on.

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