Separation Anxiety

Boris has gotten increasingly anxious about Craig and I leaving, I assume as a result of his past. Recently, he’s taken it out in interesting ways, starting with dragging coats off of the sofa, moving my shoes into the pile, and dragging clothes over from the bedroom, and centralizing it in his area. He didn’t damage any of our personal belongings, just moved them. Then he got into my backpack while we were at dinner on sunday night and ate everything, tampons, my migraine medicine, etc. Craig went home from work early yesterday as he’s been sick, and found this:

We need to work on ways to keep him from getting upset that we’re gone.

2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. Dogs do well with being crated. It helps them feel secure. If Boris has not been crated before, start with short, positive periods of time. Kennel him whenever you leave. You need to remain the Alfa and not allow him to destroy anything. He needs to know his place in the pack. Good luck!


  2. I was going to make a wiseass comment about locking him up in a tiny box, but it looks like that could actually be sound advice! Now that I think of it, that’s what my mom does with her puppy when they’re gone because she’s a holy terror. The dog, not my mom.


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