The weekend(and the weather)

The weekend was pretty low-key. It was fairly cold outside so I tried to avoid doing any yard work, but Craig’s parents were already borrowing Jen’s pickup truck, so we used it to haul the majority of the vinca out of the yard, as well as the two stumps that I dug out. It took two trips, but everything that I had removed up to that point was gone. I still have a few wisps hanging around in the back corner, waiting for a dry day to be pulled, and I need to go through and carefully rake through the soil to remove as many leaves and stems as possible before adding and then tilling in topsoil. Before Joe made it over with the pickup, I finished leveling off the perimeter of the second raised bed’s spot, and then got to collecting loose vinca into neat piles, and rolled the stumps up to the gate. On our way back to the house from our second trip, it started snowing. In March. After a week of 50 degree sunny days. Regardless, we made it back uneventfully.

I also made my first rendition of sausage. As my sausage stuffer still hasn’t arrived, I couldn’t make a traditional stuffed sausage, but had to use up the 5lb pork shoulder that I bought, expecting to make a stuffed sausage. The one fresh sausage recipe that doesn’t require stuffing is the ginger-sage breakfast sausage, which sounded perfectly fine to me. So I ground up 5 lbs of pork, some ginger, sage, salt, and black pepper. I fried a little up to taste test before forming it into patties, and get Craig’s take on it. He took a bite, looked at me very excitedly and said “This tastes just like potstickers!” It doesn’t taste much like a traditional breakfast sausage, but it’s tasty, and does taste remarkably like potsticker filling. So now I’m gonna make up some potsticker dough, mandoline up some cabbage, fry it up, and make some killer potstickers. And I’ve been having a small patty for breakfast, which I really do enjoy quite a bit.

I’m dying to get started on some bacon and panchetta, and I’m working on a source for local free range pork bellies. From what I read there is a HUGE flavor difference between farm-raised and free range pork, so I figure I’ll give it a try.

And the weather. Oh my, the weather. It snowed on saturday evening, then stopped, and melted almost completely by sunday afternoon. Then it started snowing again towards sunday evening. It ended up melting mostly by monday morning, when it again started dumping snow. Our front lawn is pretty much coated in snow. And it was 21º this morning when I left. I’m ready to start planting and working outside, not bundling up and sipping hot cocoa.

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