Ugly Pancakes

I usually make pancake for breakfast on saturday or sunday mornings. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m usually much lazier than that and just make dutch babies, which are way better but you can’t have them every day, plus they have more cholesterol than pancakes. I make pancakes every few weeks.

Anyway, The Joy of Cooking has the best pancake recipe in existence, but I make the UGLIEST pancakes… really. It takes me the entire batch of batter to get my pan to the right temperature, and by then I’m out of batter to make good looking pancakes. It has something to do with my shitty calphalon pan that I still haven’t returned (but BB&B said they’d give me store credit to buy the AllClad one!!!) and my stove that doesn’t provide constant heat, but instead cycles on and off (awesome design guys!).

Luckily, my pancakes taste awesome. No boxed pancake mix can stack up to them, and they’re really almost as easy as prepackaged mix. You get flour, baking powder, and salt, mix them up, then pour some melted butter, a couple eggs, some milk, a tiny bit of vanilla, and a little grated nutmeg over them, whisk, and you’re done. Super easy!

I usually use my 4 cup pyrex measuring cup as both a bowl and pourer thing, I like the spout and gives me fewer dishes to wash. In this photo, the pan was too hot and I burned the outside, and I think I might have been messing around with bread dough too. I tend to get sidetracked and burn everything.

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