My eastern exposure

Having most of the windows in the house facing east is awesome. We get to see the sunrise, and I imagine in the summer, it’ll be cooler, I hope. This was our sunrise on Sunday I think; it was pretty and it made me smile, and get my camera out to take a photo.

The eastern facing windows are also handy for growing plants. My orchid that I bought a few days before our housewarming party and Craig promised that I would kill in the first 3 weeks is still alive, regardless of the arctic temperatures that it endures.

The miniature African Violet that Sue gave me has put out an obscene number of new leaves since I got it, still no flowers, but I’m expecting some eventually.

And my veggies and herbs have taken off. Way faster than they were supposed to, which makes me nervous, I don’t know wtf to do with them. In this photo, you’ll note that I have a row of peat plugs missing. “Why are they missing?” you may ask. Well, I had to move them because they were way too big for the little plastic dome.

Luckily (?) the area where I have most of my other houseplants doesn’t get nearly enough sun, and I tend to forget that they’re there(ie: don’t water) because they’re behind a wall and in a corner. Where I was going with that is that in 2 of the pots, I’ve had mass plant dieoff, so I was able to dump the dead plants and soil into the compost heap, put fresh potting soil in, and start over, this time with Cilantro. So now I have a new enormous pot sitting in the window sill because that’s the only place to put it where I have something to stick it on and I won’t forget it.

I’m also beginning to think that I planted some of these herbs wrong. I think that instead of 1-2 chives, I should have thrown like 20 chive seeds into each of the pots and had groups, as with cilantro and even parsley. Damn. I guess I’ll have to sow more. They look so sad by themselves. How ridiculous am I? “Would you like A CHIVE with your omelet?”

And my veggies…. wow. I planted them A LITTLE early, but that’s because I was expecting them to either A) die or B) take forever because I’m a noob and it’s freezing in my house. I was incorrect, they took of like nobody’s business, and now I think I’m gonna need to repot them all in yogurt and sour cream tubs. How dumb, now my kitchen window is going to look like a mixture of an old person’s refrigerator and a farm. Awesome. The tomatoes are going crazy (but they’re skinnier than the squash and cucumbers), and even the poblano and banana peppers sprouted, way before they were supposed to, like 2 weeks.

I’ll repost this photo of my kitchen sink so you have some sort of understanding of how crowded my sink is now.

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