My cabinets, in disarray

I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you, but here’s my kitchen.

I bought 8 bowls, 8 salad plates, and 8 dinner plates off of last year. I love them, but so far, we’ve chipped 3 dinner plates, and I recently found out that they discontinued our style, so I’m going to buy like 20 cheap restaurant style white dinner plates and use those, then when I chip them or whatever, I’ll have spares. Damn cb2. 😦 Also, the green shelf lining, that was from the previous owners. I did some of my shelves, but in the rush of moving in, painting, trying to set stuff up, etc, some of the cupboards didn’t get relined. I did wipe them down with clorox wipes and then sprayed them with starsan so we don’t catch old person diseases. Yes, that’s an ice cube tray on the top shelf, I’m not sure why it’s there.

My spice/baking cabinet. It’s right next to the stove so I have everything at hand. I know my spices are messy, it takes me forever to find things and I don’t have enough room on my spice rack for even 1/4 of my spices. I should probably build a huge one that fills the entire opening, but I won’t. Have any ideas?

The corner that I use to set stuff that is in line to get cooked, or spices that I’ll be using. I do almost none of my prep work at this area, I don’t like working in the corner, it is handy to store all my stuff; clorox wipes, spray bottles for starsan, and water (for baking bread and keeping my plants happy), knives, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, my spice rack, etc.

The sink – that’s slowly being encroached upon by many plants. I can’t wait til it warms up and I can put the little ones outside. I’m surprised Craig hasn’t gotten frustrated by these yet.

The glassware cabinet. I keep all the alcoholic drink glasses up high so I’m less inclined to use them. I also “organized” my food storage shelf before taking the photo, it was way worse before.

My junk cabinet. It’s hard to get to from the kitchen side of the breakfast bar, and it opens the wrong way to be easily accessible from the dining room side. I keep stuff in there that I rarely use, french press, moka pot, chinois, tissues, plastic forks, etc.

I’m still drumming up the courage to show you my utensil drawers.

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