Boris and the Emu

When we first got Boris, one day while we were at work, he climbed up on the sofa and retrieved the stuffed Emu that my mother bought us. As he had done no damage to it, I simply plucked it up, and returned it to the sofa. The next day, the emu was back on Boris’ blanket, undamaged but a little damp from him gnawing on it. Knowing that I was fighting a losing battle, I figured since he hadn’t torn it apart, he might as well enjoy it, it was doing nothing sitting on the back of the sofa. He had it for a few weeks, no damage to it at all. He would hold onto it, bite down, then open his jaws, never pulling or anything.

Then Sophie came over. There were poofs of fluff covering the ENTIRE floor of the living, dining, and family rooms, and working their way down the hall. Shoot.
Boris still loves the emu, but now that it’s open, he finds pulling the fluff out irresistible. So I’ve been fighting the losing battle of picking up fluff when I walk by, until a couple days ago. Then I got lazy and stopped picking it up, and now my floor looks like this:


This is his favorite position to play with any toy, I read that it’s a Malamute thing. lol

Oh, and another Malamute thing, howling. He LOVES howling, but only does it when I get him going. I’ve included a video. When I played it back on the computer, it got him howling again. haha

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