Is pretty much the best company to do business with in existence.

I needed some shoes, 2 pairs really. My adidas shelltops have had grey paint all over them since early last summer when we helped mom paint the bus shelter, and as of late have finally begun leaking, so they’re relegated to yard work. That leaves only my doc martens as a pair of casual shoes to run around in, but they’re brown, and I really don’t ever wear stuff that matches with brown, so I ordered a sweet pair of these guys:

My sad ballet “flats” aren’t doing so well either. They’ve survived a year of being worn almost every day though, which is enough for me. The leather sole finally has a spot worn through where my big toe is, so I’m avoiding wearing them when it’s wet out. I found these beauties on zappos for a reasonable price and had to have them.

So last night I made my final decision around 8:30, and placed my order. Because my order was over $100 or whatever, I got free next day shipping, awesome! At 9:25 this morning, UPS delivered my shoes. That is less than 13 hours from the time my order was placed until the shoes were on my feet! Amazing. Unfortunately the cute wedges didn’t fit and they don’t have the next half-size up, so I’m gonna try to find something else, unfortunately, my second choice is $10 more. Figures.

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