Fun in the sun (and snow)

It snowed today. Not a whole lot, and it only stuck to unpaved surfaces, but it snowed. My favorite thing about snow is when it’s sunny after snowing and everything is so bright, and you feel warm inside.


Apparently it’s Perry’s favorite thing about snow too. (Look at those claws! I’ve left them long to protect against pooch-attacks, but I think it’s time for a clipping)

He’s got the right idea though. Craig had to stay late at work tonight, so this morning we sat and watched Frasier and folded laundry. Boris crashed at our feet and Perry stretched out in the sun, looking exceptionally pleased.

And my seedlings are doing well. I don’t even think that seedling is the right term for them, but it sounds cute. We’ll stick with that.

My cilantro was slow to start but has rocketed ahead in terms of herbaceous production per day

And my parsley even started, ahead of schedule!

I took about 50 pictures of my summer squash seeds that all sent out roots, but they turned out weird and all the little hairs on the roots were all blown out. So here’s the first of my heirloom tomato seeds sprouting

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