My Ring

When we bought the house, Craig and I made an agreement to get married within a year of our closing date. The only catch was that Craig hadn’t asked me to marry him, and it’s unlike him to make a wild romantic gesture. So I’ve been harassing him for the last few months, and for the most part, he’s gone along with it.

On Valentines day (not a big deal in our house) we were watching Harry Potter and waiting for the salmon that Craig was cooking for me to marinate. I gave him his card (which apparently moved him greatly) and with tears in his eyes he asked me to marry him. Now, knowing Craig, my response was “for real?!” He nodded assent and then we hugged each other and cried a little. Then Boris started chewing on Craig’s hand.
Anyway, knowing Craig, I wanted to be sure to get my ring sooner rather than later (I didn’t want to give him a chance to change his mind. 😉 ). The following Monday we went and picked out a ring, and after a misunderstanding with how the diamond was supposed to mount in the setting, a subsequent change of bands, then a delay in receiving it, I finally got to go get it last night. I couldn’t be happier with it.
I really should have wiped the lint off of the band before taking the photo :doh:


I know, I’m obscenely pale, and I promise the pointy things on the setting aren’t as huge as they look in the photo

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