Yesterday’s breakfast – and more photos of my herbs

I bought a bag of fingerling potatoes at costco about a week ago because I don’t see them locally, plus they came with purple fingerlings, which make whatever you’re eating so much more exciting. I’ve been cutting them up and frying them up to eat with eggs for breakfast as of late because I’ve been way too lazy to go to the grocery store for milk so I can have cereal. I know.


So yesterday I fried up the potatoes, put half of them in the fridge for today, and started on my eggs, in my cast iron pan. “But Laurel, eggs stick to cast iron, you’re going to ruin them!” No, not MY cast iron. MY cast iron is antique, has a nicer finish than any of that lodge shit you can buy new, and is lighter. Beat that! Plus, I’m awesome. I fried up one normal egg, and one egg white. That gets me the tasty gooey yolk that I like and half the cholesterol that I’d ingest if I had 2 eggs. So to make up for all of that cholesterol I was missing, I shredded some sharp white cheddar cheese over the top.

And I cut into my egg, contemplating the day that lay ahead of me, yard work… lots and lots of yard work.

But it’s pretty cold outside still. Maybe I’ll wait til it warms up and pretend that I’m being productive by taking photos of my breakfast and harassing my herbs some more.




By a sick twist of fate, one of my parlseys sprouted, but looks shockingly like my basil. I’m thinking i might have missed with one of the seeds

And as of yesterday, a gross mold mass, the cilantro:

To be honest, I was pretty concerned with having cilantro. I remember making a small herb garden a few years ago and the cilantro never grew. It made me sad and confused, and nervous about possibly failing this time.

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