My little herblings

I’ve been feeling springy ever since we began getting sun and the weather warmed up. I’m also excited to start my first garden. I figured that I’d start with my herb containers, or pots that I’m going to situate on the deck in full sun. On Valentines day, I planted cilantro, parsley, chives, basil and thyme in little peat plugs. The basil was first to show sprouts, followed by the thyme, and after that, the chives. I still don’t have any signs of life from the cilantro or parsley, but according to the internet, cilantro takes 7-10 days, and chives 21 days. I hope I can be patient enough to wait for them!


Though my basil was the first to show signs of life, it’s progressing slowly and honestly looks kind lame, just a little pointy white thing sticking out.


The thyme is the star of the show, it already has little green round leaves sticking out, and most of the seeds that I planted in each plug seem to be germinated. To be honest, I’m a little impressed and will probably end up using this as a ground cover in addition to using it in my herb garden. It seems lively enough and IIRC, is partly evergreen. Of course I’m having visions of covering the hillside with thyme, and inhaling it’s heavenly aroma as the dogs tear across it. I guess this will likely remain as visions.


The chives are slowly developing their little pointy things too. I hope they sprout a little more vigorously than the basil. I wouldn’t mind using them as ornamental grasses or something similar as well.


I also bought a different type of tray to start my real fruits and veggies on. So far I have started my poblano peppers, my banana peppers, my tomatoes, and cucumber. My summer squash mix and bell peppers haven’t arrived yet, nor have my orange and red watermelons.


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