Instead of going Jeep shopping today, Craig and I took the Rondo down to Shelton (about 2 hours away) to get something even better than a Jeep, a pooch!

His name is Boris, he’s a 1 year old Malamute mix. He weighs 60-70lbs and is a total sweetheart. He still has some bad manners like jumping up on you when he’s excited, but he’s house trained and can sit and stay, which is impressive for a dog that spent the majority of his life in a 4’x4′ kennel. He gets along with Perry the cat fairly well too, which was a big concern. They’ve gotten into a few small altercations, but Perry stands up for himself.

Ian brought Sophie over to meet/play with Boris and they’ve been getting along famously! From the first moment they were smelling and chasing each other around. They’ve been wrestling for the last 3 hours.

But they are on the fast track to becoming lovers

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