Silly me.

We got this house, and there’s a perfect area in the back yard in which to put a couple raised garden beds so I can grow some fresh fruits and veggies. I remember having a couple raised beds when I was a wee one, but I’d usually tell my mom what I wanted to grow and she’d come home with seeds and stuff and we’d plant them together. They were really pretty clever. They had trellises at one end, but instead of just a lumber frame with a string framework, they were antique headboards to beds made out of iron or some other metal that had become heavily rusty. What a droll little play on words.

So I decide to order my seeds online for my “first” vegetable garden ever, figuring I can get some great heirloom varieties, get better information regarding how each particular type varies from the others, and save some money.
Some of my favorite selections include(but are not limited to):
Purple Carrots

Rainbow Bell Pepper assortment

Yellow and orange striped, low-seed heirloom tomatoes

And also a variety of herbs that will be going in some BEAUTIFUL glazed pots and living on the deck, ready for me to snip at a moment’s notice.
In my excitement about my garden I began doing all this research regarding when exactly each type of plant should be sowed. It turns out that my poblano peppers, my bell peppers, my tomatoes, and most of my herbs require starting inside, so I’m going to have a million trays sitting on the kitchen table so these little plants will grow. I should have just bought little seedlings, but I guess I get exactly what I want this way. lol

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