I was the victim of a cat attack

But not necessarily the target.

You see, Perry the cat… sweet, sleepy, fuzzy, friendly, tolerant Perry the cat… has this vendetta against Sophie, Ian’s pup.

When Sophie was just a wee lass, Perry put up with her because she was small, wasn’t all that irritating, and would get tired after 5 minutes of running around in circles.

Now that Sophie’s much larger (though not yet full grown), Perry plots her death every time she comes over. This usually involves Sophie being a spaz, then Perry getting fed up with it, attacking her, Sophie still thinking he’s playing, barking.

Then Perry gets even more irate, and begins hunting her, either hiding around a corner, on top of the sofa, or under an occupied dining room chair. Then when Sophie least expects it, Perry launches himself at her and falls upon the poor pooch (who still hasn’t figured out that he’s not playing). And Perry has long claws.

So last night, Perry was putting up with Sophie admirably, they were both sitting near my legs, and I was on the floor. Sophie was barking loudly at Perry and verbal reprimand doesn’t work with her, so I grabbed her nose to make sure she understood that barking constantly was unacceptable. Unfortunately, it was also that time that Perry took his shot. Unfortunately, my hand was in the way of his target, her face. So now I have about 8 cat scratches all over my fingers and knuckles. That little shit. I popped him too for good measure.

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