Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping today, and figured I’d mix things up a bit and head into Lynnwood and get some goodies from Trader Joes. I picked up some little snacky things and frozen convenience foods. I don’t know why hippies think that Trader Joes is such a health food mecca. They have some fresh veggies, but other than that, really no “from scratch” type of ingredients. They have a good, cheap selection of cheese (I had to grab a small wedge of manchego, mmmm), and then tons of chips, crisps, and frozen foods. SO MANY frozen foods. Sure, they’re usually “exotic” in that the majority of them aren’t American flavors, but for the most part, it’s a wider selection of the same stuff AM/PM sells. Oh well, I got some tasty looking orange chicken (or pork?) that I can heat up and put over rice with some sauteed veggies for dinner one night.

I went to my favorite food shopping place of all time, DD Meats, where they have low-low prices on high quality, very fresh meats. I LOVE DD Meats, and everyone at the counter who helps you is a woman. Sure, most of them are white trash(they work at a butcher shop/meat market), but they’re usually very nice, and helpful. I picked up a couple pounds of fresh chicken and turkey lunch meat @ 3.49/lb. And I got a 9lb pork shoulder. That’s what makes me feel smiley about DD.

And for some reason, I decided that I REALLY need to make hamburgers this week. I think it’s because I picked up a bag of frozen Ranch Chipotle fried at TJ’s and needed to come up with a meal to justify me buying them. Because chipotle is a Mexican flavor, I also got some poblano peppers that I’ll roast, peel and slice, and some avocados to slice up and put atop the burgers. And then I brought The Bread Bible to work (which is my favorite book in existence) to come up with a recipe for hamburger buns. I have this strange internal justification that if something was made from scratch, it’s healthier than it would have been had I bought 99¢ hamburger buns at Albertsons. Silly me, poor waistband on my pants.

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