Poor Emilio

So I was going to write up a post about the outside of the house, and maybe talk about the amazing lasagna that I made from scratch when I got to work today, but I was on my way to work and got rear-ended. The Corvette is likely totaled. While the damage doesn’t look so bad, a great deal of supports inside were broken, and the fiberglass that the rear quarter panel is made of shattered. Normally that would be a fairly cheap fix, but the left and right rear fenders are molded from the same sheet of fiberglass, so it’s an ENORMOUS and EXPENSIVE sheet to replace, plus all of the bonding (glueing the panel onto the frame) involved. On the upside, I was planning on selling the car soon, so that takes the hassle out of actually washing it, repairing the little things that are wrong with it, and finding a buyer.

Craig showed up shortly after the accident, I called him, and he was ecstatic to get out of work so he came and protected me/hung out while the police wrote up the report, and we waited for the tow truck. That was likely the LAST time I’ll ever drive my Emilio, the poor little red corvette. 😦

Craig also took some photos of the damage. You can see all of the paint chips that flew up and landed on the wheels, glass, etc.

Here’s my only “before” picture of that fender

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