Last night’s Lasagna – from scratch

So I’ve been having a hankering for some lasagna. On thursday morning I made a gallon’s worth of mozzarella, thursday night I made a batch of red sauce, and friday morning I woke up, made some bechamel, sauteed some summer squash, chopped and sauteed crimini mushrooms, and made the pasta. Then I assembled all of it, and stuck it in the fridge til dinnertime. My dad and Kim came to dinner last night, so I didn’t get any post-baking shots, but it looked strikingly similar to the before baking photo, just a little more brown. And now that it’s mostly wreckage, I’m certainly not going to be taking photos. We also had caesar salad, and some cheapy storebought french bread with a homemade roasted garlic butter. It was overall a tasty dinner. 🙂

All of my noodles rolled out waiting to get boiled

The mozzarella all sliced up

Mushrooms on top of cheese and bechamel

Sliced, and sauteed summer squash layer

Assembled, with a layer of parmesan, the only thing I didn’t make from scratch

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