The House: Starting point

So this is the house when we first moved in. The house was built in 1973 by an old couple with no children when they retired… they were like 95 when they died, and while they took fantastic care of the house, I don’t think they ever replaced anything, with the exception of the master bath shower, the refrigerator, the kitchen faucet, and the dishwasher…. really. We have our work cut out for us, but we got a decent deal and nothing’s damaged, it’s just… really oldschool.

Our first few nights in the house were pretty depressing. We didn’t have a moving van til a week after our closing date, so I just packed everything I could fit into my Corvette and we slept on a memory foam mattress pad on the floor. It took us a week til we were comfortable enough to sleep in the dead old person’s bedroom.
This is my only shot of the hideous yellow shade that the laundry room was painted. 😦
When we moved in, we spent a few weeks painting every wall and ceiling surface in the house, with the exception of the bathrooms. The sparkly popcorn ceiling got a coat of primer(10 gallons) and then a coat of a neutral paint (another 10 gallons). We painted it because there are wide expanses of ceiling and we were worried that they might not have done a very good job leveling drywall and didn’t want to open up Pandora’s box. Oh, and we think it has asbestos in it. The walls got painted throughout with the same palomino/tan color, but I did a few accent walls in this fantasic terra cotta red color. It literally took me our entire closing period (3 weeks) of staring at probably 30 different paint samples to pick it out. Like I said, I’m a little neurotic.
An upside of buying this house(in addition to getting the house) is it helped to rekindle my dad and my relationship. We were always on speaking terms but even though we live 15 minutes apart, never made the time to see each other. He and his wife, Kim, came and helped out a lot and it’s been nice to have them around. Here he is, staying up til 11 on a week night, doing a magnificent job of edging, not a simple feat against popcorn!
Here’s Craig helping
And my kitchen all cluttered with alcohol, knives, some of Kim’s beautiful mums, and painting supplies

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