Partially lived in

I decided to throw a housewarming party for Craig and I, so all of our friends and family could make time to see the house, and maybe even give us housewarming gifts, like Home Depot and BB&B gift cards. It was to take place on a saturday night a few weeks after closing, so the final week was a rush to the finish line, and we spent probably 7 hours the day of the party installing new outlets, and light switches, vacuuming, putting furniture where it belonged, clearing out room in the garage to park the Corvettes, and baking furiously to feed our guests. After a few minor electrocutions, some burned bread pudding and several pints of beer, we made it, and were able to air out the house, relax, and ultimately drink too much and bullshit with a house full of some of the greatest people in existence. Here’s the house the following day. Sometimes when I get drunk and we’re having people over I go crazy washing dishes and cleaning after we eat and the evening’s winding down. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me, I love waking up to a kitchen that isn’t at total disaster. This was one of those nights.


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